Hello world!

This is a blog for the masses. As we travel through life at every turn we see drug rehabs and alcohol rehabs and places for people to go once they have reached their lowest of the lows. This is a place to be before that happens. This is life rehab. This is telling all of us that when we walk outside of our house or apartment, or any time that we see people on the street or anywhere in life, that everybody is screwed up. Everyone needs help at times and everyone has a past that they have overcome. The world in which we live in has become a place where everyone is either walking as a survivor because of what has happened to them or still stuck in the state as a victim. The problem lies in the fact that in this world, people only want to help when it has gone to far. They want to be there at the bottom, and the hurts and the pain and the struggle in the middle of our everyday lives seems to fall to the wayside. We got to funerals of the overdosed, the suicides, the lives that have been taken too short, and think “if only.” This is a place where we stand up and say we are strong enough for life. We are strong enough to survive the everyday crap. It is to say that you do not always have to run through life but take it one day at a time, pat yourself on the back for making it through the everyday because life does not have a pause button.


“I am the Sky… nothing can stick to me.  Planes fly through me. Storms roar past me. The sky is vast and unchanged, no matter what happens to it. For I am the Sky.”

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One thought on “Hello world!

  1. sofellas says:

    I have recently joined this blog site and created my own for a similar purpose which is to help empower myself and others in this world we live in. I thank you for your honesty and I will follow your work, please do the same.

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